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Guiding you through the next DevOps Evolution.

Git Push. Go Home.


Assess. People Process & Technology.

Your Journey with us will typically begin with an Assessment phase. These assessments can be the difference between a mediocre solution, or a great one that quickly addresses a gap in your People, Process or Technology stack.


Enable & Retain. Your People.

By enabling and up-skilling your existing talent, you leverage their in-depth understanding of your company's unique environment and culture which can greatly accelerate the adoption of modern practices and technologies. Reinvesting in your team fortifies your technical prowess and solidifies a foundation of loyalty and shared vision for long-term success.


Modernize.  Methods & Technology.

Modernizing your software delivery and CICD practices and upgrading your tooling can significantly enhance your organization's agility and efficiency. Advancements can lead to more reliable releases, faster time to market and improved responses to customer needs. By embracing modern methodologies and tools you minimize human error, increase security, reduce repetitive work and increase overall quality of your software.


Deliver. Better.

Elevating the developer experience by streamlining workflows and centralizing resources, boosts productivity and job satisfaction. A well crafted DX through automation minimizes room for error, enhances security protocols and ensures a more consistent and reliable development lifecycle.

In turn, this self-service approach to your Engineering process results in more-consistent results for your customer.

User-Centric Solutions for DevOps & Platform Teams.

We enable companies to Build the Right Thing, and Build the Thing Right.

Our approach puts the User at the center of your conversations. Whether internal or external, the success of your user is the success of the organization.


We strive to ensure that you have the automation and processes in place to support your users from Developer Onboarding, to Software Delivered.


Know where you are, before you decide where to go. Let us help you find the areas for improvement in your DevOps practice. Find opportunity in the areas of People, Process and Technology.

DevOps Modernization

In our experience, 80 percent of pipelines between organizations are nearly identical or, missing steps that should be industry standard.


Stop re-inventing the wheel and take a consumption based approach for best-practices and standards and automate what's next.

Invest into your existing teams by enabling the staff you already have with modern skill-sets, methodologies and tooling and empower them to be a more productive team.

Enhance DX.

The Developer Experience is crucial in today's landscape. By implementing Internal Developer Portals (IDP) and standard developer workflows to support your processes, you can reduce friction between Engineering and Operations and increase efficiencies.

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NVBDC, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Cornerstone is a Veteran Owned Business. We take pride in possessing an 'against the grain' mentality and always question the status quo by asking ourselves 'how can we do things differently?'.

Our solutions are tailored to what our customer needs at the time we are engaged. We never try to upsell a solution or service just because a vendor suggests it. We are with you for the long-haul and strive to provide Industry leading DevOps and Automation solutions for your entire journey.

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