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Future-Proof your CI/CD Pipelines

Join one of the nation's premier DevOps technology advisors to learn how to integrate Dagger® into your workflows

Programming Console

Programmable CI

Another step toward

Git Push. Go Home.

Dagger Engine

Faster developer feedback with
local CI capability.

Dagger allows you to build/test and deploy workflows as reusable programmable modules that can be run locally by your developers.

It enables developers to catch and rectify errors early, streamlines the development process by reducing the number of failed builds in the main pipeline, and accelerates iteration cycles. This practice enhances overall efficiency and code quality, leading to more reliable software delivery.

Common development
language and deployment

Writing CI/CD pipelines in the same development language as your application, such as using Python for both application development and pipeline automation with tools like, offers seamless integration and understanding.


Dagger enables developers to leverage their existing language proficiency, ensuring faster pipeline development, easier maintenance, and more effective error handling. This approach fosters a more cohesive and efficient development process, significantly reducing the learning curve and streamlining the deployment workflow.

Dagger Cloud

Pipeline Visualization

CI/CD pipeline visualization provides a clear, real-time overview of the software delivery process, enabling teams to quickly identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


This enhanced visibility fosters better collaboration, facilitates faster troubleshooting, and streamlines the deployment process, leading to increased efficiency, higher quality releases, and a more agile development cycle.

Distributed Caching

Distributed caching in CI/CD pipelines significantly accelerates build and deployment times by efficiently sharing and reusing resources across multiple pipeline actions and servers.


This approach minimizes redundant tasks, reduces latency, and optimizes resource usage, leading to faster feedback loops, improved developer productivity, and a more robust and efficient delivery process.


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