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Invest In your current team.

CICD Enablement Workshops

CICD Best Practices

Take the first step towards improving your DevOps, software delivery, and automation processes with our free CICD Maturity Assessment at Cornerstone. 


This high-level analysis will provide you with valuable insights into the current state of your processes. Start your journey towards more efficient and effective IT solutions today.

Available CICD Assessments

Free 1-Hour Introduction to Modernizing CICD

Dive into the world of CI/CD modernization with our free 1-hour introductory session. This workshop is designed to unveil the transformative benefits of updating your CI/CD pipelines and practices. Understand how investing in your current team's upskilling can dramatically increase efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. As technology evolves, so should the skills and methodologies of your people.


This session is your first step towards aligning your team’s capabilities with the latest in CI/CD innovation, ensuring you stay competitive without the need to seek external talent constantly.

4-Hour Hands-On Workshop

Elevate your team's CI/CD expertise with our immersive 4-hour hands-on workshop. Designed for teams ready to deepen their understanding and practical skills, this session provides the tools and knowledge needed to modernize your CI/CD processes effectively. Participants will learn through doing, applying modern CI/CD principles to real-life scenarios, which will prepare them to implement improvements directly into your workflows.


This investment in your team's development not only enhances their problem-solving capabilities but also boosts morale and retention, reducing the reliance on external hiring to fill skill gaps.

Custom Workshop for your Organization

For teams seeking a bespoke learning experience, our custom workshop offers a tailored approach to CI/CD modernization. This paid option is designed around the specific needs and challenges of your organization's DevOps practices. We delve into your existing workflows, tools, and culture, providing personalized guidance and actionable strategies for improvement.


This workshop not only elevates your team's skills but also aligns your CI/CD practices with your business objectives, ensuring a seamless, efficient software delivery process that is both secure and scalable. Investing in a custom workshop signifies a commitment to excellence and continuous growth, propelling your organization forward in a competitive landscape..

Benefits of an Assessment

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